Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hah-Hah! Hillary Clinton’s Live-Stream KKK Speech Hijacked by TRUMP SUPPORTERS Online


Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart CANNOT charge his jail inmate $25.00 a minute for collect calls on the jail's payphones anymore..... (All calls are collect - payphone accepts no money) Corruption and kickbacks were plentiful up till now....

 Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation applauding State Representative Carol Ammons (D-Champaign) tireless work to make needed reforms in our criminal justice system

PRESS RELEASE: ILBCF: Ammons’ Bill curbs exorbitant jail and prison inmate calling charges

If there’s one thing both sides of the political aisle in Illinois agree on it's the need for fundamental reforms to the state’s criminal justice system. 

On Monday, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, surrounded mostly by Democrats, signed a series of bills dealing with criminal justice issues. 

State Sen. Jacqueline Collins, D-Chicago, says one bill addresses inmate phone calls. “By ending the practice of allowing for profit contractors to charge exorbitant rates for inmate phone calls we are enabling families to stay connected.”

Noella Yvonne Fay makes TRUE NEWS USA WHITE TRASH NEWS - Noella Yvonne Fay allegedly rams her SUV into the store and around its aisles after her check bounces - No LINK or EBT Card???

SPRINGFIELD — Employees of the Safeway store on Pioneer Parkway were busy Wednesday morning sweeping up broken glass, repairing and restocking damaged shelves and mopping up tire tracks after a woman allegedly drove her Chevrolet Tahoe through the store just after midnight.

Noella Yvonne Fay, 43, of Glenwood had been at the store about 4 p.m. Tuesday and tried to buy $2,200 worth of gift cards, according to Springfield police. Safeway sells gift cards that can be used at a variety of retailers, including Starbucks, Nordstrom and iTunes.

But when Fay’s check bounced, she was refused the sale, which prompted her to become angry and leave the store, police said.

At 12:23 a.m. Wednesday, Fay allegedly returned and parked her sport utility vehicle in front of the store’s west doors, blocking the entrance. She was yelling about wanting her gift cards, police said.

A Safeway employee told Fay she needed to move her vehicle before they could discuss the gift card issue any further. It was then, police said, that Fay drove her sport utility vehicle through the west side of the store.

Fay drove the Tahoe down an aisle almost to the back of the store, police said. She then allegedly reversed the SUV back to the front of the aisle, turned the car toward the deli and drove between the aisle ends and the checkstands. She then drove the vehicle out the east doors and into the parking lot, police said.

She last was seen driving southbound on Pioneer Parkway West.

The Tahoe later was found abandoned near Water and West C streets, police said.

At 1:45 a.m., Fay was arrested at her home in Glenwood on six counts of reckless endangering, hit and run, reckless driving and first-degree criminal mischief.

The store still was open when Fay drove inside, and four employees and two customers were in the store near the front doors when the incident occurred.

No one was injured.

About 8 a.m. Wednesday, store employees still were cleaning up. District Manager Abe Zitterhopf said the store was temporarily closed but was expected to reopen later in the day Wednesday.

Zitterhopf didn’t have a damage estimate but said replacing the doors would be the biggest expense.

According to a Facebook page that appears to belong to Fay, she purchased a 2004 burgundy Tahoe last week. Springfield police Sgt. Rich Charboneau said the vehicle inside the Safeway store was burgundy in color.

On her Facebook page, Fay says in a Tuesday morning post that “Seroquel is the devil” and asks if anyone can drive her because she is not well. Seroquel is a medication used to treat bipolar disorder.

A few minutes later, she posted a 22-minute video of herself where she makes multiple rambling comments. About a half-hour later, she posted that she was “thinking about how blessed I am.”

Email Chelsea at

White Woman Attacked & Mugged / Robbed On Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Block In Ravenswood by a FERAL NEGRO.... And she wasn't even buying weed like the Mayor's kid was when he was robbed...

A 50-year-old woman was mugged Tuesday afternoon on the same block as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home in the Ravenswood neighborhood.

Police said the woman was unloading a bag from her car shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday in the 4200 block of North Hermitage Avenue, when a young colored boy got out of an older model black sedan, and demanded her property.

The mugger pushed the woman and stole her bag, and then got back in his vehicle and fled the scene.

Police said the woman saw three other feral Negroes inside the mugger’s car.

No one was in custody Thursday morning even though the Mayor's house has around the clock Chicago police coverage.... Amazing!

Movie Review - Sausage Party - Ray Schillaci reviews SAUSAGE PARTY for "timely social commentary that easily gets steamrolled by the persistent raunch."

For those who wondered.... Where did Detective Shaved Longcock go???

Sausage Party
Review by Ray Schillaci

Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill have been talking up their Sausage Party for years, since the summer of 2010. When the trailer was finally revealed, it was probably one of the funniest and cleverest in a long while. The idea that the guys that gave us The Pineapple ExpressSuperbad and This is the End wanted to unveil their own brand of nasty Pixar for adults was very promising.

TRUE NEWS USA - Massive Retail Theft NO LONGER A FELONY - It's an unfair law that discriminates against THIEVING NEGROES

Your Daily Dose of as recommended by the U.S. Government - Political Correctness and Chicago’s Inner City Schools


Philadelphia sports radio station 97.5 The Fanatic has provided us with one of the most unusual planted caller stories ever, and one that’s already drawing a lot of backlash. 

As reported by Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad (via Deadspin’s Patrick Redford), regular 97.5 caller “Dwayne From Swedesboro” is actually 97.5 producer Pat Egan (seen above in a 2011 photo from his college newspaper, The Neuman Joust), and afternoon host Mike Missanelli (the primary target for “Dwayne”) has been unaware of this for years. 

This is particularly problematic when you consider that the “Dwayne” persona is of a black guy who’s always talking about paternity tests and hitting on white women, and that Egan is white.

What kind of comments are we talking about here? Well, here’s “Dwayne” calling 97.5 host Jason Myrtetus (who was in on the joke) at 4 a.m. this January and discussing paternity tests:
Look man, I ain’t gonna lie to ya, the paternity test was a big relief. It’s like I didn’t think that kid was my kid, but then its that little bit of fear like, oh snap, Dwayne could be paying for this for 18 years.”


Red Ice Live - Movie Review: Imperium (Hollywood White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Entertainment) Blame Whitie for Everything!!!!

Ivena Smailes, known as Ivy, Asks For Hunky Firefighters For Her 105th Birthday Party

Ivy is definitely a pistol!
CRAWCROOK, England — A few hunky firefighters helped make a British woman’s 105th birthday wish come true.
ABC News reports Ivena Smailes, known as Ivy in the senior home where she lives, had just one wish this year: she wanted firefighters at her birthday party.
Thanks to workers at Addison Court Care Home in Crawcrook, England, she got her wish.
Five firefighters from the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service joined Smailes at her party – and one even climbed through the window.
“(Ivy) sends us little challenges for her birthday every year and this year she asked for firemen,” said Debra Carter, who works at the senior home. “We had the local fire brigade come … through the third floor balcony window. They were more than happy to help!”
Around 40 of Smailes’ friends and family also joined in on the fun, Carter said.
“(Ivy) had a ball. She loved it,” Carter added. “She’s already said that next year she wants to meet Prince Harry.”

Wikileaks: Chelsea Clinton Used Fake Name In Scam

TNB - Black Islamic Minnesota bridge collapse survivor Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble charged with using settlement funds to help ISIS

A Minnesota man who survived the harrowing Minneapolis bridge collapse as a schoolboy now faces terror charges for helping ISIS, traveling to Syria just weeks after he collected a hefty $91,000 settlement for the traumatic 2007 disaster.
Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble, 20, was charged Wednesday with providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Federal officials believe Roble, who is allegedly still in Syria, spent thousands of dollars on aid for ISIS.
Just weeks before his 11th birthday in 2007, Roble was in a devastating bridge collapse that killed 13 people. He was riding in a school bus traveling on I-35W when it plummeted about 30 feet into the Mississippi River.

Got Toy Penis??? SHOOTING BLANKS! Texas college students use sex toys — which are banned — to ridicule campus gun laws allowing concealed weapons into classrooms


Jackson Scherlen Who Lost His Police Officer Dad (Police Officer Justin Scherlen, 39) Has an ‘Army of Stand-Ins’ for One of Life’s Important Firsts

The children of a deceased Texas police officer were escorted to class on their first day of school by dozens of their father’s colleagues in the Amarillo Police Department, according to KVII-TV.

Officer Justin Scherlen, 39, died earlier this month from complications following an on-duty crash almost a year ago. His widow, Jessica Scherlen, told KVII that her son Jackson’s first day of preschool was a “really emotional time.”
Jackson was greeted by his father’s brothers and sisters in blue at school on his first day.
“He was shocked when we first showed up and saw everything,” Scherlen said.

Lonnie W. Willoughby Jr. instantly killed & turned into a pile of collard greens after being flattened by a semi-truck on I-80/94 in northwest Indiana

Bad Luck Lonnie... First he smashes up his car... then gets out the car and flatten by a truck...

A man was fatally struck by a semi Wednesday evening after he was involved in a three-vehicle crash on I-80/94 in northwest Indiana.

Lonnie W. Willoughby Jr., 37, was driving a 1994 Ford Ranger pickup at 7:02 p.m. in the eastbound right lane of I-80/94 near mile marker 12.7, according to Indiana State Police and the Lake County coroner’s office. The mile marker is just east of the ramp from I-65 in Lake Station, Indiana.
When Willoughby attempted to make a lane change into the right middle lane, the Ranger hit a 2002 Ford Focus, causing that car to spin out and hit a 2012 Nissan Rogue in the left middle lane, police said in a statement. The Focus and the Rogue came to a rest on the expressway’s inner shoulder, while the Ranger went off the road onto the outer shoulder and hit a concrete barrier wall. None of the drivers were injured in the crash.
Willoughby then exited the Ranger and was hit by the trailer of a 2005 Volvo semi-tractor as he tried to run across the expressway, police said.
The semi’s driver told police he was merging from northbound I-65 onto eastbound I-80/94 when he saw several vehicles stopped on the side of the road ahead. He saw someone walking on the shoulder, drove past him, heard a noise and saw someone lying on the ground in his rearview mirror.
Willoughby, who lived in the 2600 block of Brown Street in Portage, Indiana, was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk accuses Tammi "Duckwalk" Duckworth of making fun of stroke victims... She doesn't have a leg to stand on!!!!!

Sen. Mark Kirk defended himself Wednesday against claims made by Democratic challenger U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth that he “lacks the ability to control what he’s saying” — calling that implication “awful” and insulting to stroke victims.

Kirk has been under fire for comments he made last week before the editorial board of The State Journal-Register in Springfield in which he said President Barack Obama is “acting like the drug dealer in chief” for handing over $400 million to Iran on the same day the country released U.S. hostages.

Cross-Dressing Man Ass Eating Faggot Bea Sullivan-Knoff, a self-described “queer, transgender woman and performance artist,” sues city of Chicago; says topless ban ruining her act

Chicago was accused Wednesday of violating the U.S. Constitution and reinforcing “archaic stereotypes” about the “impropriety of women’s breast” by prohibiting only women from exposing their breasts in establishments licensed to sell liquor.

Bea Sullivan-Knoff, a self-described “queer, transgender woman and performance artist,” filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to overturn the ordinance last amended in September 2013 that prohibits liquor license holders from allowing female employees, entertainers or patrons to expose their breasts without imposing the same restriction on men.


Chicago where Corruption is KING - Chicago Public Schools massive budget, massive borrowing pass despite giant ‘ifs’ - Rahm Emanuel's personal Fluffer Forrest "Gump" Claypool greases the croonies

Chicago homeowners will see their property taxes rise thanks to unanimous votes Wednesday by the Board of Education — and possibly even greater cuts to schools if either of two big question marks in Chicago Public Schools’ budget get answered with a no.

All six of seven Board members present voted to approve $5.4 billion in operational spending, a $250 million property tax hike that pays directly into burgeoning teacher pensions, nearly $1 billion in borrowing for capital projects and $1.5 billion in short-term loans needed to pay bills through next spring’s tax season.


Democratic U.S. Senator Sen. Joe Manchin III Daughter, Heather Bresch jacks the price up on the life-saving Epi-Pen... she rakes in Tens of Millions of Dollars for Herself

This isn't the first time Mylan chief executive Heather Bresch has been under fire.

Bresch, who started out in a low-level position in quality control at one of the company's factories, is the first female head of a large pharmaceutical company. She made a name for herself by turning the EpiPen — once an obscure injection device for allergy sufferers that she calls her "baby" -- into a blockbuster billion-dollar drug. But the 47-year-old has found herself in the hot seat in recent weeks as consumers and lawmakers have expressed outrage over the rising cost of the drug and have called for investigations into the company's pricing practices.

While the mounting attacks may be enough to unnerve even the hardened chief executive, Bresch has a longer history than most of dealing with such issues and coming out (mostly) unscathed.

In fact, Fortune, in a tough profile, once described her career as being full of "ethically messy mishaps and public relations gaffes." At least two involve her own father, Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.).

[U.S. lawmakers demand investigation of $100 price hike of lifesaving EpiPens]

The most scandalous incident occurred in 2008 shortly after she was named the company's chief executive and involved the master's degree in business administration from West Virginia University that was listed on her resume. It turns out she never got it. An investigation by the school, prompted by a newspaper report, found that some administrators had added courses and grades to her transcript to make it look as if she had completed the required coursework.


Black Militant Dyke Looking Police Board President Lori Lightfoot calls for FOP contract changes - We have to PUNISH COPS for arresting Lawless Negro Criminals!!!!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's top appointee to the civilian agency that rules on police misconduct cases reiterated her call Wednesday for City Hall to make changes to the police union's contract, singling out a long-standing requirement that citizens sign sworn affidavits to make a complaint.

Police Board President Lori Lightfoot called the requirement "a very big issue that stands in the way of legitimacy related to the investigation of citizens' complaints," adding that it's something "that's gotta change."

It's a tricky issue, given that Fraternal Order of Police leaders long have maintained that the affidavit requirement prevents a flood of frivolous complaints while critics contend it intimidates citizens who might otherwise file legitimate grievances. But it's also timely, given that the police supervisors' contract expires next June and the city is under immense pressure amid a U.S. Department of Justice investigation to change how cops do business in the wake of multiple incidents of alleged police misconduct.

Lightfoot made her comments during a City Council committee hearing on police accountability as aldermen and the mayor are crafting an ordinance to replace the Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates alleged police misconduct and shootings, and to establish an inspector general within the Police Department. A former federal prosecutor, Lightfoot was a longtime operative under former Mayor Richard M. Daley, once heading up the Office of Professional Standards, which IPRA replaced nearly a decade ago amid controversy.


Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly to allow 4 of the 6 Negro arrested football players to play in opener - We cannot deny the Negro ANYTHING

Facing the media for the first time since six of his players were arrested last weekend in two separate incidents, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly said Wednesday evening that his emotions ranged from disappointed to embarrassed to "mad as hell."

Kelly, who on Sunday dismissed senior starting safety Max Redfield from the team and indefinitely suspended senior cornerback Devin Butler, said the other four players arrested will be available to play in the Irish's season opener Sept. 4 at Texas unless the university deems otherwise.

Those four — sophomore linebacker Te'Von Coney, sophomore running back Dexter Williams, redshirt freshman cornerback Ashton White and freshman wide receiver Kevin Stepherson — were arrested along with Redfield and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana after a traffic stop Friday night in Fulton County, Ind., police said.

Redfield, Williams and Stepherson were also charged with misdemeanor possession of a gun without a license.

As for Butler, Kelly said the timetable for his permanent status with the  program "will be expedited given the current circumstances."

Butler pleaded not guilty earlier Wednesday in St. Joseph Superior Court to two felony counts of resisting law enforcement and battery against a public safety official. He's accused of tackling a police officer and punching him during an altercation early Saturday outside a South Bend bar.

NO MORE U.S. Cellular Field, home of the White Sox, NOW IT'S BEING CALLED "Guaranteed Rate Field"