Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Los Angeles police Department: LAPD investigating rape claim against Unwashed Negro Crotch Derrick Rose

A criminal investigation is underway into rape allegations against former Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, according to published reports.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the investigation to The New York Daily News.

“I’m innocent. I felt like I didn’t do anything wrong,” Rose said Monday at the New York Knicks media day, the Daily News reported. He said he hasn’t been contacted by the police.

A civil case seeking $21.5 million from Rose and two others is set to go to trial Oct. 4. Known as “Jane Doe” in the court filings, the 30-year-old Los Angeles woman originally filed a lawsuit in August 2015, accusing Rose and two other men of breaking into her apartment and raping her in 2013.

The judge hearing the case has said the accuser will not be able to remain anonymous during the trail.

Monday, September 26, 2016

U.S. attorney: Drag on police morale from McDonald scandal to blame in part for violence BECAUSE WE CANNOT BLAME BLACK VIOLENCE ON THE CAUSE

A drag on police morale stemming from the Laquan McDonald police shooting scandal is at least partly to blame for the surging gun violence in Chicago this year, U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon said in a speech Monday.

Speaking to the City Club of Chicago, Fardon said fallout over the release of dashboard camera video of a white police officer fatally shooting 17-year-old McDonald exacerbated what was already an unacceptable level of bloodshed.

Within weeks of the video's release last November, police Superintendent Garry McCarthy was fired, the U.S. Justice Department announced it would conduct a sweeping investigation of the department's use of force policies and a new order went into effect requiring officers to fill out lengthy forms when making street stops of suspected gang members. All three events moved the needle on police morale, Fardon said.

"I believe there was a hit on CPD morale and a drag on officers' willingness to conduct stops," Fardon said. "Some gang members apparently felt that they could get away with more, so more bullets started flying."

Fardon's comments came as part of a larger speech about the role played by the U.S. attorney's office in investigating accusations of police wrongdoing as well as trying to quell the city's unrelenting gun violence — an issue that has brought unflattering national attention to Chicago and even become a part of the presidential race.

Fardon revealed for the first time he's been meeting recently with leaders of nonprofit groups in hard-hit communities who have complained they're not working together closely enough as needed because of competition over funding.


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Al Sharpton’s daughter admits prancing around on her (FAKE) hurt ankle she wants $5M for

Dominique Sharpton, Al Sharpton's eldest child, tries to win the NEGRO LOTTERY CHECK but gets caught FAKING!
Dominique Sharpton, Al Sharpton's eldest child, in Manhattan on July 14, 2016. At right: the ankle brace on Dominique Sharpton's right leg.

The Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter admitted in a damning legal deposition that she danced, pranced and jetted around to romance her beau after supposedly suffering permanent damage to her ankle when she stumbled in a city pothole.

Dominique Sharpton gave the deposition, a transcript of which was obtained by The Post, in her $5 million lawsuit against the city — and it reveals startling new details about her escapades following the injury.

She admitted that she changed into party clothes and attended a two-hour gospel concert in honor of her father’s 60th birthday just hours after the incident at Broome Street and Broadway on Oct. 2, 2014.

“I was walking to cross the street, and my foot went into something and caused me to fall,” Dominque Sharpton, 30, testified during her July deposition, according to documents obtained this week through a Freedom of Information request.

“I heard a snap,” recalled Sharpton, who said she was wearing flat boots at the time.

City lawyer Michelle Fox asked, “Were you able to attend the concert that night?”

Modal Trigger
Al Sharpton and Dominique SharptonPhoto: FilmMagic
Sharpton acknowledged that she changed into a dress and “some shoes . . . probably black, flat shoes” to go to the party, before finally heading to the emergency room.

She also griped during the three-hour grilling that she can no longer “dive off a diving board, go skiing . . . or go run marathons.”

But when Fox asked if she was “a runner before,” Sharpton admitted she wasn’t. “Not necessarily,” she said. “But if I, you know, if I needed to do it and exercising or something like that, I was capable of it. Now, I can’t.”

Meanwhile, at the hospital, “they said nothing was broken,” she conceded.

She underwent physical therapy, wore a therapeutic boot, used crutches for a few weeks and got an injection after swelling in her ankle didn’t subside.

She eventually had surgery for ligament tears — but the injuries didn’t stop her from visiting her fiancĂ© in Miami a dozen times a year, dancing with her dad in New Orleans, working out, touring the country in a play, and, as previously reported by The Post, hiking a mountain in Bali and dancing in heels.

Trying to explain away the heels, Sharpton claimed under oath that she “can only wear them for a short amount of time.”

“It’s really annoying,” she said.

She tried to downplay her two-hour hike in Bali, saying she was helped by two people and “had to take a lot of breaks.”

“There were times I didn’t think I was going to make it,” Sharpton said.

A city Law Department spokesman declined to comment. Sharpton’s lawyer did not return a request for comment.

Charlotte, North Carolina Police Shooting - Typical Negro Nonsense - Keith Scott WAS carrying a stolen gun, police say – and his wife filed for a restraining order against him saying he was armed, violent and had threatened to kill her

  • Keith Scott's gun had been reported stolen, authorities said on Monday
  • A breaking and entering suspect told officials he had sold him the gun 
  • His wife Rakeyia got a restraining order in October last year, records show
  • She wrote: 'He carries a 9mm black' and said he had hit her and a child
  • Scott, 43, was shot and killed Tuesday after a confrontation with Charlotte, North Carolina police 
Keith Scott was carrying a stolen gun when he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police in Charlotte, North Carolina, authorities have said.
The gun was reported stolen after a breaking and entering, according to the police.
A breaking and entering suspect told agents at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives that he had sold the gun to Scott, ABC 11 reported Monday. He is now in custody.
Scott's wife Rakeyia, who filmed her husband's killing on Tuesday, had filed for a restraining order against him and had told authorities he carried a gun, hit her as well as one of her children and had threatened to kill her, records have shown.

Donald J Trump KICKS ASS! First debate over!!!!!

PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE LIVE BLOGTrump, Holt go back and forth 
over Trump's Iraq war claims

A disgruntled lawyer wearing what appeared to be Nazi paraphernalia & driving a Porsche who had numerous weapons randomly shot at drivers in Houston - 6 shot & wounded, 3 others hurt; gunman killed by police

KPRC2 has confirmed the owner of that vehicle is 46-year-old attorney Nathan DeSai

A disgruntled shyster lawyer who carried out Monday morning's shooting that wounded nine people was wearing what appeared to be Nazi paraphernalia, two law enforcement sources told Channel 2 Investigates' Robert Arnold.

Reports of a man shooting randomly on Law Street, near a shopping center on the northwest corner of Weslayan and Bissonnet streets, first came in around 6:30 a.m. 

Charles "Cork" Walgreen III dead at 80 - drugstore CEO who grew drug store chain - His son Tad Walgreen and Tad's wife Loren Walgreen both dies from drug overdoses

Charles Walgreen III, who expanded his grandfather's drugstore chain into an $18 billion-a-year company by 1999 when he stepped down as chairman, has died. He was 80.

He died Sept. 26 at his home in Lake Forest, Illinois, according to a statement from Deerfield, Illinois-based Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. No cause was given.

He led Walgreen Co. as chief executive officer starting in 1971, adding the post of chairman in 1976. He stepped down as CEO in 1998 and retired as chairman the following year. During his tenure, the retailer reported 23 straight years of sales and earnings increases and quadrupled the number of stores to more than 2,400.

It was a big turnaround from 1970 when, according to trade publication Chain Store Age, Walgreen had "assumed many of the characteristics of the moribund A&P chain."

The company was involved in so many unrelated activities -- including Wag restaurants and department stores in Mexico -- that drugstore managers "were sort of fighting for attention," Charles Walgreen said, according to a 2000 story in Drug Store News.

Walgreen's strategy was to refocus the chain on the drugstore business and modernize it, focusing on pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids as well as photo service. He reconfigured the supply chain and upgraded the stores. Gone were the in-store optical centers and grocery aisles along with the company's restaurants and south-of-the-border retailers.

By the 1980s, Walgreens stores were appearing in urban areas around the country, often concentrated with several stores in a relatively small area. The 1,000th store opened in 1984 and sales passed $10 billion in 1995.

Walgreen in 2012 bought a 45 percent stake in Bern, Switzerland-based Alliance Boots Holdings Ltd. for $6.7 billion and in 2014 paid about $15.3 billion for the remainder of European pharmacy chain.

READ MORE ABOUT Tad Walgreen and Tad's wife Loren Walgreen both dies from drug overdoses

Tattoos for Hair Club President - Paul Pagan, 32 - charged in murder at Chicago's Tourist Attraction Millennium Park - Peter Fabbri, 54, of Berwyn was murdered

A nutball with a record of gun convictions has been charged with fatally shooting another man outside Millennium Park over the weekend, according to police. Thanks to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart & Illinois State Senator Bill Cunningham that pushed laws for arrestees to be early released over and over again... another criminal had the chance to kill....
Photo: Illinois State Senator Bill Cunningham & Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.... who encourage laws such as the "Rocket Docket" program so criminals can be released early over and over again...

Paul Pagan, 32, was charged Monday in the death of Peter Fabbri, 54, of Berwyn, police said. 

Pagan has more than 30 arrests on his record and was convicted twice for pointing a gun during an argument, police said. He was wanted on a warrant for an earlier gun crime when he killed Fabbri, according to First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro,

Fabbri was walking with two women around 7:35 p.m. Saturday when he got into a dispute with Pagan at the northeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Drive, police said.

The altercation became physical and Pagan shot Fabbri in the head, police said.  Fabbri was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital a day later.

Fabbri's sister, Shelly Fabbri, said she chased the shooter as he fled on a bike.

"I chased him through the street, tried to hold the bike down," she told reporters. "His girlfriend comes and punched me and ripped my shirt. I wind up on the ground and another security guard came to help me and call the police."

Diane White, a security guard at the School of the Art Institute, said she was crossing Monroe toward the park when she saw two men scuffling with each other and heard a shot.

"As I came across (the street), I saw them fighting over here," White said. "At first I heard a 'bang' like a firecracker. Then I saw a gentleman fall," she said. "I'm like, 'Oh man, somebody got shot.' "

Fabbri's niece, Nina Parks, said she was with her mother, Fabbri and his girlfriend at a wine-tasting when her uncle was shot.

"My uncle ... was a huge-hearted man and was always there for anyone if he could be," she said on a GoFundMe page that had raised more than $4,000 by midafternoon Monday.

Hammond cop shoots man who pointed gun at officers, state police say

A Hammond Indiana police officer on Sunday night shot a man who pointed a gun at officers outside of a home in Hammond, according to Indiana State Police officials, who are investigating the incident.

The 33-year-old man was in stable condition at Munster Community Hospital, according to a news release from state police.

About 7:20 p.m., Hammond police were called to do a well-being check on the man at a residence in the 1500 block of 177th Place, state police said. An acquaintance had told police the man had been making suicidal comments.

Officers arrived and began talking to the man, but talks later broke down and the man went back inside the home, police said.

Officers noticed that once inside, he had picked up firearms, prompting the officers to return toward their vehicles, state police said.

The man, at one point, shot one of the firearms inside his home. After further attempts to negotiate with the man proved unsuccessful, the man came out of the home with a shotgun and an automatic handgun, according to state police.

The man "lowered the shotgun toward officers," and a Hammond officer responded by shooting at the man one time and striking him, police said.

No police or other citizens were injured, police said.

According to the news release, the investigation is ongoing and is expected to take some time to complete.

Joliet Illinois - 20-year-old Negro Welfare Breeder Dinesty Tillman Shot & Killed - Woman killed, daughter and brother wounded in Joliet shooting

A Negro wildebeest welfare breeder was killed in front of her family in a shooting Sunday night that also wounded her brother and 4-year-old daughter in southwest suburban Joliet.

Officers responded about 10:35 p.m. to a call of shots fired near East Washington and Richards streets, according to Joliet Deputy Police Chief Al Roechner. Upon arrival, they met a 21-year-old man “with blood all over him,” suffering from a gunshot wound just above his left elbow.


37-year old Lisa Harris is a woman with Concealed Carry Permit - Saves Multiple Lives After Stopping Department Store Active Shooter - Management at Bradford’s department stores are anti-gun and have NO CONCEALED/CARRY signs on their store doors - Even though this woman saved many lives, they want her prosecuted for bringing her gun into the store.

37-year old Lisa Harris saved the lives of multiple people after using her concealed carry pistol to take down a department store shooter in Virginia.

According to witness statements, the shooter, who has since been identified by police as 41-year old Randall Pierce, entered Bradford’s department store Saturday evening at approximately 5:10 PM.

According information provided by Chief of Police Matthew Collingsworth during a press-conference, the security footage provided to investigating officers by the Bradford’s loss prevention department shows an agitated Randall Pierce walking briskly throughout the department store for approximately 6-minutes prior to retrieving a .223 caliber AR-15 assault style rifle concealed under his long-jacket.

The security footage, which has yet to be released to the public, shows Piece fire his weapon for the first time at 5:16 PM. The shooter did not appear to have a specific target in mind and according to witnesses was shooting blindly at anyone within his line of sight.


Purdue University Crime Alert - Severe Negro Alert - Armed robbery reported on Purdue University campus

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.  — Purdue University has issued an alert reporting an armed robbery near a residence hall on the West Lafayette campus.

The university said on its website that the robbery happened about 4 a.m. Monday on the south side of Hawkins Hall. It asked anyone with more information about the robbery to contact the Purdue Police Department. No other information was immediately provided. People were asked to avoid the area.

Hawkins Hall is located in the middle of campus, near the Purdue Memorial Union.

Negro Robbers Try to Mug Pizza Delivery Boy Who Turns Out to Be an Ex-NFL Linebacker Napoleon Harris III - Wow go from the NFL to delivering pizza... that has to be a pay cut!

Four youthful Negro robbers who planned to rob a pizza delivery boy after ordering delivery to an abandoned house were in for a surprise when a former NFL linebacker showed up with the pie instead.

Napoleon Harris III, the former NFL linebacker and Illinois state senator, is the owner of two Chicago-area Beggars pizza franchises and was sitting in one of them right before closing time when a last minute call came in, The Daily Mail reported.

Harris offered to deliver the pizza himself since the crew was overwhelmed, but he didn’t know that the house was vacant.

Harris arrived at the house, located on the 15800 block of Paulina Avenue in Harvey, Illinois when one of the robbers came to greet him, The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

Three others emerged from the bushes to try and take him down, but they failed in their attempts to do so.

“They put a chokehold on the senator, but to no avail. They were really trying to choke him to death, and he was just too strong. He out-powered all four of them,” spokesperson for Harvey police Sean Howard said to CBS 2. “As they were all beating on him, one guy just went out of his way and really hit him hard, and Napoleon never moved.”

The men managed to take the pizza and Harris’s wallet before they fled in a Chevy Tahoe, but Harris followed them to a lumber mill before he called the cops.

The men fled the scene and left the Tahoe behind, which was registered to a Georgia man named Lester Jones. Jones was later found dead in Georgia.

Police were able to track down all four suspects and bring them into custody.

Malik Mayer was charged with murder and financial transaction card fraud for using Jones’s ATM card September 15.

A juvenile was also arrested but he could not be identified.

Lawrence Hines was arrested on charges of murder at a Georgia mental health facility later in September.

A fourth person from Gary, Indiana is expected to face charges for mugging Harris.

White Mundelein Man, George Korchev, Killed in University of Illinois Negro Violence - (U of I Shooting) - Was Supposed to Start Nursing Job in Suburbs Today

A celebratory weekend for a 22-year-old Mundelein man turned violent when he became caught up in gunfire while walking near the University of Illinois campus in Champaign. George Korchev, a 2012 graduate of Mundelein High School, was an innocent bystander in the shooting that injured four others.

Korchev was visiting the University of Champaign campus to spend time with friends and celebrate a recent job offer, according to the Chicago Tribune. He was supposed to start as a full-time nurse at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville today.

The shooting occurred after a fight broke out in the 300 block of East Green Street in Champaign at about 12:38 a.m., according to the Chicago Tribune. Korchev was taken to Carle Foundation Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:02 a.m. Gunfire also broke out at 1:08 a.m. in the 700 block of South State Street where police found another gunshot victim.


When Chicago spent its pension money on the mayor's pet projects A decade ago, city leaders acted like we didn't have a care in the world.

As we all prepare for Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed property tax hike to pay off billions of dollars in pension obligations, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane to a not-so-distant era when our leaders acted like we didn't have a care in the world.

The year was 2004—and what a glorious time it was!

We were in the midst of a fabulous real estate bubble that sent property taxes flowing into the city's coffers like champagne at an Emanuel fund-raiser.

Amid the good times, a few wealthy friends of then mayor Richard Daley threw a lavish party in the Pritzker Pavilion at the recently completed Millennium Park.

"Women wearing serious jewelry and stunning gowns were welcomed upon their arrival by 'Adam and Eve' greeters draped in leaves and dragging a snake," the Sun-Times reported about the $1,000-a-ticket fund-raiser for the park. "In two big tents, Wolfgang Puck Catering served a dinner of beets and goat cheese, asparagus with prosciutto, potato leek soup with caviar, lobster and beef tenderloin with truffles. Tables were topped with white cloths and tall silver urns holding magnolia leaves; 10-foot-tall water walls were placed through the tents."

Ah, yes, the good life.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Golf legend Arnold Palmer goes to the big lemonaid stand in the sky - dead at 87 - At his request his body will be cremated and the ashes placed into a limited edition Arnold Palmer golf ball set

PITTSBURGH -- Arnold Palmer brought a country-club sport to the masses with a hard-charging style, charisma and a commoner’s touch. At ease with both presidents and the golfing public, and on a first-name basis with both, “The King,” died Sunday in Pittsburgh. He was 87. 
Alastair Johnson, CEO of Arnold Palmer Enterprises, confirmed that Palmer died Sunday afternoon of complications from heart problems. The United States Golfing Association also confirmed his death on Twitter.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel & 19th Ward Alderman Matt O'Shea Shows Off Fatherless Negro Mentoring Program Day After Pledging $36Million Dollars To Expand Them - just days after it is announced that city retirees will now pay THOUSANDS a MONTH for HEALTH CARE - But you assholes will keep voting for O'Shea and Rahm Emanuel.....

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Ald. Matt O'Shea take part in a paper-airplane contest with Becoming a Man members at Morgan Park High School - Have another drink you traitorous asshole O'Shea....

MORGAN PARK — Showing his commitment to mentoring programs he intends to bolster fight crime and gun violence, Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended a Becoming a Man meeting at Morgan Park High School Friday.
"You guys haven't given up on yourselves, and the city shouldn't give up on you," Emanuel told a group of a dozen Morgan Park students known as the Dreamchasers. He was joined at the meeting by Ald. Matt O'Shea (19th).
Emanuel's visit came the day after he touted a three-year, $36 million commitment to youth mentoring as a key part of his comprehensive plan to rein in crime and gun violence in the city.
"I wanted people to see this firsthand," he said of his visit to the high school.
City of Chicago Retirees & Active Employees to pay up to $3,622.00 
a month for health care......
As the Illegal Beaners & Welfare Negroes get MORE MORE MORE 
City of Chicago Retirees & Active Employees
Retiree Healthcare Message
The MEABF board was given a presentation by Barb Malloy on Retiree Healthcare.

The city has worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield and is in the works to be the plan sponsor and ensure members of all four funds are OFFERED insurance for the year 2017.
How it will work from the presentation we received is the city may issue a letter saying they are cancelling retiree insurance (because Chicago is getting out of retiree insurance) you will then get a letter asking if you want to OPT in for this plan if you choose the plan BCBS is offering.
When you check the rates you will see they are higher than last years, that is due to the city not subsidizing any part of retiree healthcare. The deal will be solely from BCBS and covered by the retiree and more than likely be deducted from your pension if you choose the plan.
The city has said they will have counselors that you can reach out to who will ask you questions and based on your medical history and conditions will advise you on what plan might be better for you. I.e. Good health and no meds, the exchange might be a better choice than the offered plan by BCBS and so on.
I realize these rates are extremely high, keep in mind there is still a legal case on retiree healthcare (Underwood) and how that has and will play into things will be interesting.
A lot of the retiree healthcare issues are based on the fact it comes across as an extremely complicated process. Exchanges, open enrollments, different coverage levels, plan A/plan B etc. To be honest it would scare me having to get insurance on my own.
I have implored the city to work with retirees on this issue and treat them with respect, after all the retirees are who made Chicago what it is.
This is going to be a time sensitive issue with the exchanges opening Oct 15th and a lot of you will have to make a big decision.
As I find out more and definite details I will pass them along.

Three Negro Walmart workers refuse to make cop's retirement cake "Blue Lives Matter" claiming ALL COPS ARE RACIST!

Three Walmart workers in McDonough, Ga., refused to decorate a “thin blue line” cake for a police officer’s retirement party because they said it was racist.
A number of my Georgia readers alerted me to the story and on Saturday night I spoke directly with the police officer’s daughter. She asked that I not divulge her name and I’ve agreed to do that.
“I was so shocked,” she told me. “I didn’t know what to do or say or anything. I was trying not to lose my temper or make a scene.”
For the record, Walmart has confessed that most of her allegations are true. For more on that, read my full column below.

Brent Tyssen harged in overdose death of Chicago Police Officer Theresa Almanza's step-daughter, 18 year old Sydney Schergen

When Sydney Schergen died of a drug overdose last year, Theresa Almanza found herself in an unusual position.

Almanza, a Chicago Police Department gang-crimes officer accustomed to solving crimes involving other people’s families, set out to seek justice for her own stepdaughter.

More than a year after the death, the man suspected of selling ecstasy to the 18-year-old Schergen was charged Friday with drug-induced homicide.

Brent Tyssen, 22, was ordered held in lieu of $400,000 bail Saturday, accused of selling one gram of ecstasy, also known as MDMA or molly, to Schergen on May 30, 2015, for $100. She overdosed on the drug the next day.

An 18-year-old woman — Schergen’s cousin — also has been arrested but was charged as a juvenile because she was 17 at the time of Schergen’s death, Cook County prosecutors said.

Tyssen — who smiled at his parents during Saturday’s bail hearing — has admitted selling the drug to Schergen, prosecutors said.


Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, 2 others killed in Miami boat crash while fishing for Marlins - all three were instantly smashed into refried beans when the speeding boat hit a jetty

Miami Marlins ace pitcher Jose Fernandez was killed Sunday morning after a boat crash in Miami Beach, the team announced.

The 24-year-old Fernandez was one of three people killed in the early morning accident.

"The Miami Marlins organization is devastated by the tragic loss of Jose Fernandez," a team statement said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this very difficult time."

Fernandez posted a photo of his girlfriend sporting a "baby bump" on his Instagram page last week, announcing that the couple were expecting their first child.

"I'm so glad you came into my life," Fernandez wrote in that post. "I'm ready for where this journey is gonna take us together."


University of Illinois (U of I) - George Korchev, 21, of Mundelein, shot & killed and four others shot and wounded

CHAMPAIGN, IL — A 21-year-old man from north suburban Mundelein is dead and at least four others were shot overnight near the University of Illinois campus. Another person was hit by a car while running from the gunfire.

George Korchev, 21, of Mundelein, was pronounced dead at Carle Foundation Hospital at 1:02 a.m., according to Champaign County coroner Duane Northrup.

As of 8 a.m., suspects are not in custody, according to Champaign police.

Korchev, a university student and a 2013 graduate of Mundelein High School, was an innocent bystander who was walking near a fight in the 300 block of East Green Street when he was shot at about 12:38 a.m. Three others, also innocent bystanders, were shot at that location and sustained non-critical injuries, according to police.

Police said an argument during an apartment party spilled outside, a fight ensued and shots were fired. When police arrived, they found four gunshot victims. The shooter fled the area.

Police said a second report of gunfire was received at 1:08 a.m. in the 700 block of South State Street. There, police found another victim with a non-critical gunshot wound. Police believe the two shootings are related.

All of the injured were taken to Carle Hospital for treatment.


Illinois University Shooting Live Updates: Multiple Shots Fired, Shooter At Large

Nowhere Safe From The Chicago Negro - Man critically wounded in shooting near Millennium Park among 17 shot & wounded - SIX MURDERED citywide

Chicago Millennium Park - A Worldwide Tourist Destination - Not Safe From Negro Violence!

A 54-year-old troubled colored man was shot in the head last night following a dispute just outside Millennium Park, authorities and witnesses said. The shooting followed a dispute with a man who fled on a bicycle, authorities said. A person of interest is being questioned.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Illegal Beaners Moving a Mattress on top of a car had a great idea - Use Fat Ass Sidney Zelaya Gonzalez as a weight on top of it to hold it down because they had no rope - Needless to say Sidney Zelaya Gonzalez is now dead, turned into a pile of refried beans after she flew off the mattress as the car was speeding along....

You want an easy job? Just laying on a mattress, like how you usually make money... but no sex this time!

HAYMARKET, Va. (AP) — Prince William County police say a woman who was riding on an unsecured mattress on top of a passenger van was killed when the mattress and the woman fell off the vehicle.
The department said in a news release that 20-year-old Sidney Zelaya Gonzalez of Culpeper was riding on the mattress about 6:40 a.m. Friday in Haymarket.
Officers say while the van was traveling on Waverly Farm Drive, the mattress and Gonzalez came off the van. She was pronounced dead at the scene and shoveled up
Police say the van driver, a 41-year-old woman from Culpeper they did not identify, stayed at the scene of the incident.
Officer Nathan Probus is a spokesman for Prince William County police. He tells The Washington Post that the women were trying to transport the mattress.

John C. Burke - Missing Headstone Replaced for Chicago Policeman Killed 100 Years Ago - Memorial to be held this Sunday at Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery 2755 W. 111th St. in Mount Greenwood at 1:00 pm

MOUNT GREENWOOD — A ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday to honor Chicago Police officer John C. Burke, who was killed in the line of duty pursuing the "Red Pepper" bandit a century ago.
The ceremony at Mount Olivet Cemetery, 2755 W. 111th St. in Mount Greenwood will re-dedicate Burke's headstone, which went missing in June, according to Martin Gainer, a retired Chicago Police sergeant.
The new headstone was paid for by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. The effort to replace the stone was launched by Burke's large, extended family — many of whom have also pursued careers in law enforcement, Gainer said.
"My uncle was killed 100 years ago. And to the Memorial Foundation, it was as though he was killed last week," said Gainer, his voice cracking from emotion.
Burke, 29, married Gainer's grandmother's sister, Rose Flanigan. The pair were wed for just two months when Burke was killed by the delivery truck robber known for throwing red pepper into the eyes of his victims to avoid a pursuit, according to reports published in the Chicago Tribune.
"Don't wait for dinner for me, Rose. I'm going to get that red pepper robber, and I'll be late," the newspaper reported Burke saying the morning of his death on Dec. 16, 1915.


Black Shootings, Black Brawls, Uncontrolled Black Children - Another public venue BLACKS are DESTROYING AS USUAL! Oak Lawn IL Issues a SEVERE NEGRO ALERT

Chuck E. Cheese, the chain of family friendly arcade and pizza joints, bills itself as a place where "a kid can be a kid."

But in Oak Lawn, where for years the restaurant on 95th Street has been plagued by fights and disorderly behavior, village officials are questioning whether it's a place where a kid should even visit.

"It's a big problem for the safety of children when you have an establishment that caters to children where this is a constant issue," said Oak Lawn Mayor Sandra Bury, noting that Oak Lawn police received 55 calls for service there through the first eight months of this year. "Would I take children there? I don't know."

The restaurant has had a reputation for attracting a "pretty volatile mix" for decades, although no Oak Lawn official would hazard a guess as to the reason.

Trustee Terry Vorderer, a retired member of the Oak Lawn Police Department who now represents the district where the Chuck E. Cheese outlet is located, said it was a problem even back when he was chief of patrol.

"It seems the type of incidents that take place there, other than the routine thefts of cell phones, things of that nature, are more domestic-related," he said. "They blow up pretty darn quick, and when they get out of control, people get hurt. Police officers get hurt."

Since 2011, Oak Lawn police have made more than two dozen arrests there, mostly for battery and disorderly conduct.

In one 2012 incident, two men fired multiple shots into a car parked in the Chuck E. Cheese lot, according to news reports. A 20-year-old man with alleged gang ties who was sitting inside the car is believed to have been the intended target. He was uninjured, and the gunmen escaped.

Over the years, the village has worked with CEC Entertainment, the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese, and Kimco Realty, which owns the shopping center, to enhance safety at that location.

"The management of Chuck E. Cheese has actually been really responsive," Bury said. "Anything we ask of them, they pretty much do."

To date, CEC has installed prominent surveillance cameras and monitors throughout the restaurant; hung "Rules of Conduct" signs in three different areas of the establishment; rearranged the interior setup to increase visibility and sight lines, reduce congestion and increase traffic flow; and added brighter, color-true lighting, a company spokeswoman said.

CEC also pays to have multiple Oak Lawn police officers work a security detail inside the restaurant every Thursday through Sunday, and in 2014, it voluntarily relinquished its liquor license.

In a statement, CEC Entertainment acknowledged that incidents had occurred at their Oak Lawn location, but said it had taken numerous actions to improve the guest experience and was committed to continuing to do so.

"We understand that there have been incidents at local businesses, including ours, and we always work with the local community to ensure a safe and wholesome environment at our restaurants," CEC spokeswoman Christelle Dupont said in a statement.

Even Kimco, which owns the shopping center, has done its part to improve security at the location — enhancing exterior lighting and paying for a police car to sit in the parking lot outside the store, according to Bury.

Yet the problems still persist.

"Everything they've done to date just isn't keeping kids safe" Bury said. "And if kids aren't safe, we have a problem with that."

The most recent violent incident at the restaurant occurred on Aug. 27 when a few family members were involved in a physical altercation.

A male patron head-butted his niece after she spat in the face of his girlfriend, according to a police report. The niece allegedly retaliated by punching him in the face before fleeing the scene, police said.

When an Oak Lawn officer tried to detain the man, he yelled an expletive and shoved the officer, the report states. Police arrested both him and his niece, whom they caught up to at a Walgreens in Evergreen Park, and charged each with battery and disorderly conduct, according to reports.

Immediately upon learning of the fracas, Bury wrote the village trustees a letter alerting them of the incident and asking for their opinions on how to handle it.

"We're taking this very, very seriously. I can't tell you how seriously," she said. "It's really important that people feel good about going to shop in Oak Lawn, and that people feel good about bringing their children to a children's place. We have to keep these kids safe. That's really what it's about."

While revocation of the restaurant's business license is an option, Bury and the village trustees preferred first to take their concerns to the company's executives, who agreed to fly in from Irving, Texas for a meeting two weeks ago.

"I told the president of Chuck E. Cheese (Roger Cardinale), I said, 'Look I don't know what you're going to do. I don't know the answers. I don't know how you solve your problems in that store, but it ain't my problem to solve them for you,'" Vorderer said. "It's my job to represent the community."

Both Vorderer and Bury said the meeting with the company's president and senior vice president was productive, and that executives from CEC Entertainment promised a swift response.

"They are committed to doing whatever it takes to make this location safe for children," Bury said. "They have agreed to, at their expense, hire a security expert to review what's been done to date."

Vorderer said the company had agreed to provide a security report to the board by Tuesday. The company will then present a revised version of the security plan — after village officials have provided feedback and the company has incorporated any suggested tweaks — at the first regular board meeting in October.

From there, the board will decide how to proceed, although it appears likely they'll permit Chuck E. Cheese to implement the plan and see if it has the intended effect of enhancing security at the location before taking any action against the business.

"I'm not going to turn a blind eye to it if there are more issues," Vorderer said, "but I'm giving a responsible corporation and a successful business in Oak Lawn an opportunity to solve our concerns."

Is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sending a message to the most sued Sheriff in America, Tom Dart???

Is Emanuel already sending a message to Dart?

NBC poll has Sheriff Tom Dart crushing Emanuel by 31 points in hypothetical matchup..  However, numerous sources claim Emanuel has a bombshell report that may scare Dart off from running entirely.. Source claims a top ranking aide to Emanuel told a local reporter that Sheriff Tom Dart allegedly covered up a sexual assault by his former Chief of Staff on a black female Sheriff employee.. Despite these salacious rumors it appears Sheriff Tom Dart is poised to be a top contender in the 2019 Chicago Mayoral election.

In a series of hypothetical match-ups, the poll showed potential 2019 mayoral candidate and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart besting Emanuel by a nearly two-to-one margin, 61 percent to 31 percent, if the election were held today. According to the poll, Emanuel was also beat out by 2015 mayoral challenger and Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia by a margin of 51 percent to 36 percent. Additionally, Emanuel barely beat out potential 2019 challenger and Ald. Roderick Sawyer by a margin of 39 percent to 37 percent.