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#CrookedHillary T-Shirt "Yeah because you'd be in jail" Donald J Trump

"It's a good thing Trump isn't in charge of the law in this country." -Hillary Clinton
"Yeah, because you'd be in jail." -Donald Trump

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Once again the Negroes making a hero out of a feral lawless drugged up Negro - THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF LAQUAN MCDONALD

Thousands of pieces of U.S. mail dumped in woods; USPS launches investigation 

U.S. Senator Sessions: Obama Keeps 182,761 Convicted Foreign Criminals in United States

Is it treasonous NOT to deport all Muslims?

SUNY professor says Trump win at least 87 percent certain; other polls 'bunk'

Cook County Jail detainee briefly escapes custody Wednesday 


Tone Trujillo, a probationary officer with the Chicago Police Department, and his partner, Officer Jose Sanchez, saves 3 year old child

 NBC Crew - Crooked Hillary’s MASSIVE MELTDOWN at Commander-in-Chief Forum

Horny Insatiable Nympho Teacher Mary Beth Haglin, 24, who had affair with 17 year-old blames his sophisticated vocabulary and very large manhood

This is a unique defense –

Mary Beth Haglin, 24, told of the boy’s seduction skills: “He did so with such intelligence and such an elevated vocabulary that I was completely duped by the whole facade”

Look at this monster. I mean look at her…

When I see her I think, “why oh WHY didn’t I have a better vocabulary in school!!??!”

Yeah, yeah, sexual assault… the guy was 17, she was 23. It’s a tragedy.

I’m not making light of this. She should lose her job… and come work for me.

Oh, wait. She already has a new job. She’s a stripper. Not interested. Plus, she has a croaky voice. And she takes selfies and does the backwards peace sign, which, I think, means she like Hillary Clinton, or something stupid.


The Very Randy Insatiable Nympho Bi-Sexual Teacher - Randi Lynn Zurenko, 33 - faces more than TWO HUNDRED sex charges against two pupils

A woman teacher faces more than 200 sex charges involving two pupils.

Randi Lynn Zurenko, 33, was arrested and suspended from the mixed private Catholic school.

The students have been identified only as “Victims 1 and 2” and their ages have not been revealed.

One of the alleged victims is a girl, the gender of the other is unkown.

Zurenko is said to have began a relationship in January 2013 with the first one, who graduated later the same year.

The pair went to a park where Zurenko massaged the girl’s back and undid her bra, said police.


WHITE TRASH SEX NEWS: Jay Gorel, 20, caught on the porch banging his 14 year old gal pal by her mother

OAK FOREST, IL -- A Romeoville man is accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old Oak Forest girl on a porch over the summer, prosecutors said Thursday in court.

Jay Gorel, 20, appeared before Cook County Judge Peter Felice on a felony charge of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He was arrested on Oct. 18.

The prosecutor said the girl and her mother moved over the summer to a friend’s house in the 15200 block of South Central Avenue, Oak Forest. The prosecutor said that Gorel was also living in the household.

Sometime between Aug. 1 and Aug. 31, the mother woke up at night and saw that her daughter was not sleeping in her usual place. When the mother went to look for her daughter, she found Gorel laying shirtless on the back porch. Her daughter was sitting next to him without pants, the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor explained that charges were delayed because the girl was hospitalized during the month of September. At some point in time, the girl threatened to commit suicide. The girl also submitted to an interview with a professional therapist.

Gorel was taken into custody on Oct. 18, where the prosecutor said he gave a video-taped statement to police admitting to have intercourse to the girl and knowing that she was only 14 years old.

The prosecutor could not answer the judge’s questions whether the girl had suicidal idealizations after the alleged sexual relations.


Feral Negro Dontrell Stephens who won a $23 million lawsuit against a Florida sheriff’s office this year after being shot by a deputy and paralyzed has been arrested on charges that he sold heroin, marijuana and cocaine near a preschool

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A man who won a $23 million lawsuit against a Florida sheriff’s office this year after being shot by a deputy and paralyzed has been arrested on charges that he sold heroin, marijuana and cocaine near a preschool.
The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of 23-year-old Dontrell Stephens on its Facebook page Thursday. The post included Stephens’ mugshot, his booking sheet and the message, “If you sell drugs near a DAY CARE CENTER you are going to get #BUSTED .”

Silence Feeds Hate

Crowd marks 2nd anniversary of "PCP MAD DAWG" Laquan McDonald's death

About 300 people gathered outside Chicago Police headquarters Thursday evening to mark the second anniversary of the death of Laquan McDonald, who was fatally shot by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke.

The crowd stood in front of 16 small yellow markers of the type police use to mark bullets at crime scenes, signifying the number of shots Van Dyke fired at McDonald.

After a prayer, Chicago-based rapper Rhymefest read a poem. Another speaker was Gwendolyn Moore, 56, a South Side resident whose son, Jamaal Raymond Moore was 23 when he was shot and killed by police four years ago.

"It's important to talk about because the system has created injustice for its people. If we don't voice how we feel and just lay down with blinders on, it will not change. I don't want to see another child dead on the streets. It doesn't matter, black brown, white, we are all one,” she said.

Activist William Calloway organized the event and led a balloon release to commemorate the more than 600 people who have been killed in Chicago this year.


Black Law clerk Rhonda "Fun Bags" Crawford indicted in judge impersonation case, attorney says

The lawyer who allegedly posed as a judge has been indicted on criminal charges, the latest fallout from the scandal that began when the judicial hopeful from the South Side put on a black robe and presided over three traffic cases, her lawyer said Thursday.

Despite the charges, she intends to remain on the ballot in her Cook County judicial election on Nov. 8.

The indictment, handed up by a Cook County grand jury, charges attorney Rhonda Crawford with two criminal counts, according to her lawyer, Victor Henderson, who said the Cook County state's attorney's office informed him of the indictment but did not specify the charges.

"They contacted me and said they are moving forward with the charges," Henderson said.


Convicted Black Drug Dealer Arnold Ray Jones, 50, is first prison inmate to reject Obama’s clemency - What give up free housing, free food, free medical and all the man to man sex you can get????

Clemency? Meh, no thanks.

A convicted drug dealer serving time in a Texas prison stands alone as the first inmate to reject President Obama’s sweeping commutation for narcotics offenders.

Arnold Ray Jones, 50, could have left a federal prison in Beaumont in two years under Obama’s order — even though he has six years left on his drug trafficking sentence.

But he turned down his chance for freedom last week, according to USA Today — becoming the only offender to reject Obama’s mercy.


Chicago Bogan High School Senior Andre Smith, 17, died after being injured in a football game mother sues football helmet maker - claiming it didn't protect the colored boy's hard as a coconut head

The mother of a Bogan High School football player who died last year is suing the manufacturer of his helmet and the Chicago Board of Education, according to a lawsuit filed last week.

Andre Smith, 17, suffered blunt force trauma to his head during a football game on Oct. 22, 2015, and died the next day, court records state.

The suit was filed by Jeanine Smith, the administrator of Andre's estate. She is being represented by Brion Doherty of the Chicago firm Motherway & Napleton, LLP.

The lawsuit, filed in Cook County circuit court, alleges an air bladder inside a Riddell brand helmet intended to increase protection was not properly inflated, and that the board of education supplied the improperly working helmet to Andre Smith.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

DuPage County Sheriff: Tests on abandoned newborn found dead near Wheaton provide possible profile of parents - Illegal Beaners

DuPage County authorities say the DNA of a dead newborn indicates that her parents were Hispanic, and further tests show that her mother was taking a medication prescribed for epilepsy or bipolar disorders.

Sheriff's police also released approximations of what the parents of the child, who has been dubbed "Baby Hope," may look like.

Authorities released the information Thursday at a news briefing, and police hope it will provide further details about the death of the child, whose body was found in a backpack along a wooded private drive near Wheaton on Aug. 15.

"Somebody out there knows something, and they need to come forward and let us know," Sgt. Jeff Christiansen of the DuPage County sheriff's police said.



A DePaul University Severe Negro Campus Alert was sent out Thursday to warn DePaul University students of two criminal sexual assaults that occurred at the school's Lincoln Park campus in the past 10 days.

A DePaul University spokeswoman confirmed that a criminal sexual assault was reported on Oct. 20. The assault happened at Munroe Residence Hall in the 2300-block of North Clifton Avenue early in the morning, between 1:45 a.m. and 2:30 a.m.

"It is terrifying," said student Anna Thompson. "I don't know if that person has been arrested, if that person is in custody. Who is the offender?"

Another criminal sexual assault alert was sent out on Oct. 11. The alert said an assault happened in the 2300-block of North Racine Avenue in another residence hall at the same time, between 1:45 a.m. and 2:30 a.m.

DePaul University released a statement on Thursday to address the attacks:

"DePaul University takes reports of sexual assault seriously and is committed to offering a secure and supportive environment for individuals who report incidents of sexual and relationship violence. Resources are available from the Officer of Health Promotion and Wellness at"

The university declined to release information about the suspect, including whether or not the suspect is a student at the school or if either of the victims know their attacker.

The Chicago Police Department is in charge of the investigation

Milwaukee WI Police Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown (Male Black) fatally shot Sylville Smith (Male Black) in August 2016 sparking the Negroes to Riot & Loot - Now this same officer has been arrested for man raping a man who he spent the night drinking with while watching the riots caused by his shooting


The Milwaukee officer who fatally shot a man in August, sparking two days of unrest in the city’s Sherman Park neighborhood, sexually assaulted a man after they drank shots together at a bar while watching thesecond night of protests on television, a criminal complaint released Thursday said.

Dominique Heaggan-Brown is charged with second-degree sexual assault in that incident and another from July in which prosecutors said Heaggan-Brown had sexually-explicit photos on his cellphone of him and a second man taken when that victim was passed out.

Heaggan-Brown is also charged with two counts of prostitution. In the charging document, prosecutors allege he offered two men money for sex on several occasions dating back to December 2015.

If convicted of the charges, Heaggan-Brown faces up to nearly 90 years in prison and up to $230,000 in fines.

At a court appearance Thursday, Commissioner Grace Flynn ordered him held on $100,000 bail. He has been suspended from the Milwaukee Police Department, police said.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) - Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Surge to 20 Year High - Sexually active African Americans leads any race or sexual preference group in infection. 4 out of 5 African Americans are infected or recently cured of a STD.

WASHINGTON DC - New data released today show the highest combined rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis (STDs) in the U.S. in 20 years, reports the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).  The surge in STDs is occurring at a time of budget cuts to State and local STD programs, including a possible $5 million cut in 2017 by a Senate Appropriations subcommittee. Sexually active African Americans leads any race or sexual preference group in infection. 4 out of 5 African Americans are infected or recently cured of a STD.

"Given the surge in STDs, now is not the time to reduce funding to combat these diseases," says David C. Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. "We call upon Congress to reverse the 2017 Senate funding cut and provide an increase of at least $8.1 million for STD programs. We also call upon the new administration to request additional funding for STD programs in their 2018 budget request to Congress," Harvey adds.

Annually, there are 20 million new STD cases, costing the U.S. health care system $16 billion. Rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis increased significantly for the third year in a row, reaching a 20-year high. The long-term health consequences posed by STDs are serious and often irreversible, especially if not diagnosed and treated early.  Young people ages 15-24 and gay and bisexual men are at highest risk for STDs. Young people face unique barriers to services, including stigma, confidentiality concerns, and limited access to expert STD providers.

STDs can lead to chronic pelvic pain, infertility, and ectopic pregnancy. A pregnant woman can pass STDs on to her baby, leading to serious disabilities or death in the infant. STDs increase the risk for acquiring HIV, especially men who have sex with men, undoing the gains that have been made in HIV prevention and care.

The National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD) is a partnership of public health professionals dedicated to promoting sexual health through the prevention of STDs.

For more information, or to connect to a state health department STD director, visit

Contact: Rebekah Horowitz, 215-964-7452 or 202-842-4660

Teacher Jeffrey Scott Jones Slashes His Own Throat with a Razor Blade after the Jury Found him GUILTY of sexually assaulting teen girl

SANTA ANA CALIFORNIA – A 56-year-old man slashed his throat Wednesday with a razor blade – moments after jurors found him guilty of sexually assaulting a teenager in Huntington Beach.
Jeffrey Scott Jones, who was out of custody on bail during the trial, cut his throat in C-28 on the courtroom’s eighth floor just after the verdict had been read, authorities said.
Deputies rendered first aid and Jones, who was uncooperative, had to be handcuffed, sheriff’s Lt. Mark Stichter said.
Jones was transported by paramedics to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries, said Capt. Larry Kurtz of the Orange County Fire Authority. He remained under guard Wednesday afternoon by deputies.
The Sheriff’s Department is investigating how Jones managed to bring a razor through a security checkpoint at the court building, Stichter said.
Ed Welbourn, who is Jones’ attorney, said he was stunned by the incident.
"It was totally unexpected and very unfortunate," he said.
Welbourn said a courtroom clerk had just finished reading the jury's guilty verdict when Jones suddenly cut himself with a standard razor blade.
"I didn't see it happen, my attention was on the jury, but from what people tell me he had a blade somewhere in his clothing and he pulled it out when the verdicts were read," he said.
Welbourn said Jones' head hit the table and blood began pouring out of his neck. Courtroom bailiffs rushed to him and called for medical aid.
He said his client didn't show any previous signs of mental distress during the trial: "He was confident in his innocence."
Jones, a Huntington Beach resident, previously taught Advanced Placement English at Libra Academy in Huntington Park.
He sexually assaulted a girl between Sept. 1, 2012 and April 30, 2013,prosecutors said. The Register is not specifying her relationship with Jones to avoid identifying a sexual assault victim.
Deputy District Attorney Heather Brown had told jurors that a sexual-assault test performed on the girl turned up Jones’ DNA.
Since the abuse was reported, the girl has been in youth homes, juvenile hall and has lived on the streets, and at one point was arrested for stealing a bike while attempting to run away, the prosecutor added.
The county is offering counseling services available to court employees and jurors who may have witnessed the incident, said Gwen Vieau, spokeswoman for Orange County Superior Court.
For his conviction, Jones faces a maximum sentence of 68 years to life when he is sentenced on Nov. 4.

CALIFORNIA: Modoc County sheriff's Deputy Jack Hopkins, 31, shot & killed - the 4th on-duty California officer to die in 2 weeks

A 31-year-old sheriff’s deputy in Northern California was fatally shot Wednesday while responding to a disturbance call, and the suspected gunman was taken into custody, authorities said.

Modoc County Sheriff’s Deputy Jack Hopkins responded to a reported assault or disturbance about 10:30 a.m. in a rural area 10 miles south of Alturas, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

While responding, Hopkins — a sworn sheriff’s deputy since 2015 — was gunned down.

It’s unclear what led to the shooting, which prompted a massive response from state and federal law enforcement, including officers from the California Highway Patrol and U.S. Forest Service. The shooting is under investigation by the CHP as well as authorities from neighboring counties’ sheriff’s offices.


Colored Massage Therapist Daniel Holbert accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a massage session

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA- A massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a massage session at her home in Santa Clarita pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a felony charge.
Daniel Holbert -- who works out of a North Hollywood gym -- is charged with one count of sexual penetration by a foreign object by fraudulent representation stemming from the alleged March 12 assault.

Holbert, 48, of Burbank, was arrested Aug. 23 and released the same day on a $100,000 bond.
A date is scheduled to be set Nov. 30 for a hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to require him to stand trial.

If convicted as charged, Holbert faces up to three years in prison, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Department Message to Chicago Police Officers

The US Department of Justice has asked that we issue the following message to our members:

"As part of our investigation of the Chicago Police Department, the Department of Justice will hold office hours on Tuesday, October 25, 2016, from 0930 to 1530. The location is: The Federal Executive Board Conference Room, Metcalf Federal Building 77 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 2115 Chicago, IL 60604 This is an opportunity for CPD members to confer privately, in person, with DOJ representatives.

Appointments are not necessary, but are encouraged for the sake of efficiency. To make an appointment, please contact Jaclyn Weiner at or (202) 307-6913. Conversations we have as part of our investigation, are confidential and we do not disclose the identity of anyone who speaks with us unless the DOJ is later required to do so by law.

It is important that we hear from all interested parties, including CPD members. We are investigating officer wellness and CPD members are uniquely situated to offer testimony about wellness issues, as well as the other aspects of our investigation.

We encourage any member who wants to be heard, on any topic, to take advantage of this opportunity. We also invite members to contact us by phone or to arrange a private, in person, conversation at a location of the CPD member’s choosing. Contact us directly at the email address or phone number listed above. Please note that this will not constitute a tour of duty, nor will overtime be authorized."

Your Daily Dose of as recommended by the U.S.D.A. - Atlantic Beach SC Names Michelle Obama to Lead Black Bike Week Booty Parade!


Raul Montes, Jr. a Beaner who will call a press conference for anything..... Save The Chicago Cubs

For immediate release 

Contacts: Raul Montes, Jr. 

Singer-songwriter John Vincent says"have faith" for the Chicago Cubs; activist Raul Montes, Jr. has message to convey; follow John Vincent and fill Dodger stadium with Cub fans and root for the Chicago Cubs in game 5 to bring series back to Chicago
What: Press conference 

When:    Thursday, October 20, 2016

Where:   Wrigley Field 
                 1060 W Addison
                  Chicago, IL 60613

Time:      11:45 a.m.
Chicago, IL- After a game four win for the Chicago Cubs on Thursday night, the series is now tied in the NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Singer and songwriter John Vincent said the following;
GO CUBS GO!!! I love this team and I'm ready for game four. Have faith, this is a great team and they showed us that all year!! I love my Cubs!! #GoCubsGo  #Cubs #LetsGo #Cubbies 
   On Thursday morning, community activist Raul Montes, Jr. and Chicago Cubs fans will encourage Cub fans to fill Dodger stadium and root for the Chicago Cubs in game 5. Also there is a request for activist Raul Montes, Jr. to throw out a first pitch in one of the upcoming games or possibly the World Series.

Michelle Obama recruited to run for Senate, Chicago mayor.... Because a fat dumb black woman is a terrible thing to waste

First lady Michelle Obama's star status on the 2016 campaign trail is prompting top Democrats back home in Illinois to ready an effort to recruit her to run for the Senate or mayor of Chicago.
Should she run and win, Obama would join only Hillary Clinton in the rare class of former first ladies to swap out the "volunteer" public service job for an elected position.

The burgeoning effort comes despite Obama's inclination to leave elective politics behind when her husband's two terms are up in January, according to National Journal.

Chicago Sun-Times Mary "aunt jemima" Mitchell - Activist to launch ‘Laquan Mc Donald Day’ of protest and politics at 4100 South Pulaski Rd Today - 10:00 am

Today is the second anniversary of the fatal police shooting of Laquan "PCP DAWG" McDonald

Two years ago, it was easy to ignore the deaths of troubled wards like Laquan McDonald.

When it came to police brutality, most of us were asleep.

But when the city was ordered to release a dashcam video that captured Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting the teenager 16 times, we were jarred awake.

The shocking videotape forced the entire city to confront the flawed and, in some respects, corrupt system of policing that made it possible for a veteran police officer to think it was OK to use such a horrific level of force against a teenager armed with a small knife.

Although Van Dyke has been charged with murder and is awaiting trial, Chicagoans are still divided over this issue.

While some believe it was wrong for Van Dyke to use deadly force, others argue that the officer had no choice.

Whatever side you came down, Laquan McDonald’s sad life and tragic death were the catalyst for major changes within the Chicago Police Department, and, hopefully, within the communities police officers serve.


Democratic Operative Robert Creamer - Husband of Left Wing Nutjob U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (D - IL) - Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times

A key operative in a Democratic scheme to send agitators to cause unrest at Donald Trump’s rallies has visited the White House 342 times since 2009, White House records show.
Robert Creamer, who acted as a middleman between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and “protesters” who tried — and succeeded — to provoke violence at Trump rallies met with President Obama during 47 of those 342 visits, according to White House records. Creamer’s last visit was in June 2016.
Creamer, whose White House visits were first pointed out by conservative blog Weasel Zippers, is stepping back from his role within the Clinton campaign. (RELATED: Second O’Keefe Video Shows Dem Operative Boasting About Voter Fraud)
Hidden camera video from activist James O’Keefe showed Creamer bragging that his role within the Clinton campaign was to oversee the work of Americans United for Change, a non-profit organization that sent activists to Trump rallies. (RELATED: Activist Who Took Credit For Violent Chicago Protests Was On Hillary’s Payroll)
Read more:

Donald J Trump and Crooked Hillary Clinton Refuse to Explain Why They Both Share the Same Address in Delaware

Wilmington, DE — As it turns out, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share something pertinent in common, after all — a tax haven cozily nested inside the United States.
This brick-and-mortar, nondescript two-story building in Wilmington, Delaware would be awfully crowded if its registered occupants — 285,000 companies — actually resided there. What’s come to be known as the “Delaware loophole” — the unassuming building at 1209 North Orange Street — has become, as the Guardian described“famous for helping tens of thousands of companies avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in tax.” 

After Police Body Cameras Show That Black Lives Matter’s Claims Are Fabricated / Lies, #BLM Don’t Want Them - We's can't lie on the police with body cameras!

Reports show that police complaints are down 93% Why does a group so focused on police accountability want body cameras to go away?
On the Movement for Black Lives website, which is a coalition of black social justice groups including black lives matter, you will find a very large list of demands. Under the “End the War on Black People” section, demand number 7 states.

Chicago’s 911 emergency center is still struggling to get a handle on runaway overtime because half of all call takers are on “some type of” absence tied to Obama's Family and Medical Leave Act

Chicago’s 911 emergency center is still struggling to get a handle on runaway overtime because 49 percent of call takers are on “some type of” absence tied to the Family and Medical Leave Act, aldermen were told Wednesday.

Testifying at City Council budget hearings, Alicia Tate-Nadeau, executive director of the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, said the hiring of 48 additional call takers has reduced overtime by 28,000 hours over the same period last year. That should reduce overtime spending to $9.9 million, down $1 million from a year ago, she said.

But, rampant use of the leave act is still costing the city big-time.

“We have approximately 44 people every single day that call off. That’s about 49 percent of all of the 911 operators we have [who] are on some type of intermittent FMLA. Clearly, this number is much larger than it should be,” Tate-Nadeau said.

“Although I absolutely believe intermittent FMLA is a right of all of our employees, it is something I need to look at to ensure that it’s being utilized correctly. The challenge of intermittent FMLA is that they can call that very day and say, ‘We’re not going to be here.’ Whenever I hire folks back for overtime, I’m hiring them back at a minimum of time-and-a-half to two times the salary.”

FMLA entitles eligible employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave amounting to twelve work weeks in a 12-month period for specified family and medical reasons with continued health insurance.

Eligible reasons include: the birth of and care for the newborn child within one year of birth; adoption or foster care of a child within one year of placement; care of a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition or the employee’s own serious health condition that renders them unable to perform.

Employees can also qualify for circumstances stemming from the military service of a spouse, son, daughter, or parent. Covered employees may also qualify for 26 workweeks of leave during a single 12-month period to care for a member of the military who happens to be the employee’s spouse, son, daughter, parent, or next of kin.

“I need to get to the root cause. Why do we have an issue with intermittent FMLA? What’s causing or driving this to increase? I have some ideas of what I think that is, but I really continue to do my research. Once I’ve completed my research into this issue, I will be able to answer that question,” Tate-Nadeau said.

Tate-Nadeau said a recent “baseline” survey of employees who staff the 911 center floor pinpointed potential reasons for the alarming use of Family and Medical Leave.

Although they are deeply committed to their “incredibly stressful” jobs, morale is “poor” because they don’t like their schedules or working conditions and complain about “inflexibility” in how they can utilize vacation time.

“The way that I resolve that is I ensure that I work on the attrition issue … as it relates to overtime,” the director said, claiming to have addressed “90 percent” of survey gripes.

“I would have bad morale, too, if I walked into my job and someone said that, because someone else didn’t show up, I had to take away their lunch break, [or make them]  stay longer because I didn’t have enough people to cover” positions.

Black & Beaner Armed Robbers - 5 armed robberies reported on Chicago's 606 Trail since last month

Chicago Police are investigating a string of five armed robberies that have taken place on the 606 Trail since September, according to a community alert.

The most recent armed robbery took place at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at 2831 W. Bloomingdale Ave. in the Logan Square neighborhood, according to the alert.

This past weekend, another armed robbery took place at 11:35 p.m. Oct. 15 at 3299 Bloomingdale Ave.

The week before, a robbery happened at 5:45 p.m. Oct. 11 at 2500 West Bloomingdale Avenue. In that robbery, the offender is described as a black man, about 18 years old, 5-foot-8 and weighing about 140 pounds. He was wearing a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants.

On Sept. 22, a robbery was reported on the trail at 8:15 p.m. Another was reported at 9:45 p.m. Sept. 19 at 2800 W. Bloomingdale Avenue, police said.

There were no reported injuries in any of the incidents, police said.

At least two of the robbers in four of the incidents were described as Hispanic males 16 to 21 years old, according to the alert. They were 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-10 and weighed about 150 pounds. One of them was wearing a beige button-down shirt and a red hat.

Anyone with information can contact Area North Detectives at (312) 744-8263.